Savings Bank
One of the easiest saving options. The Bank provides cheque facility for easy transactions.
Fixed Deposits
Duration   General
15 Days TO 45 Days   6.00 %
46 Days to 90 Days   7.00 %
91 Days to 179 Days   7.50 %
180 Days to 364 Days   8.00 %
1year and above   8.50 %
2 year and above   8.25 %
Senior Citizen   1/2 More (0.50 % Extra)
12 MONTHS   8.77 %   9.31 %
24 MONTHS   8.87 %   9.45 %
36 MONTHS   9.25 %   9.88 %
PSCB Max deposit scheme
An innovative deposit scheme where you can deposit for 100, 200 and 300 days. We give attractive interests for such desposits.
PSCB Charity Deposit Scheme
Charity deposit scheme is started to give a hand to a helpless. A deposit scheme in which the interest of the deposit will be used by the bank for Charity works. You can start a deposit scheme with a minimum amount of Rs.1000.You can take the amount deposited by you at any time without interest.
An attractive investment plan for the Children, The Cultivation of investing nature from the childhood itself thus by empowering financial stability.
PSCB Plus Investment Plan
1. You can become a part of the scheme by depositing Rs. 1000/-
2. Loan facility can be availed for these deposits. 75% of the accrued interest + the principal amount can be availed as loans.
Current Account
The best savings option for business establishments.
Recurring Deposits
You can deposit a specified amount (multiples of Rs. 50/- monthly) for 12, 24, 36, 60 months. Once the deposit matures you will be returned the deposited amount plus the interest.
PSC BANK Peringandoor Service Co-operative Bank
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